URGENT - Please sign petition for access to homeopathic remedies

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URGENT - Please sign petition for access to homeopathic remedies

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The FDA is claiming that new guidelines for homeopathy are necessary. Its bogus rationales range from "homeopathic remedies contain dangerous substances" to "the manufacturing process is not safe" to "use of the remedies prevents people from taking safe and effective pharmaceuticals."

Of course these proposed new guidelines are a bunch of crap. They are simply a way of making it impossible to obtain remedies without a doctor's prescription. Meanwhile, thousands of unsafe pharmaceuticals are being promoted on the market. 

Please note that there is a deadline for making comments to the FDA--May 23! That's only three days from now. Both United States citizens AND people who live outside the US are encouraged to comment. 

Here's the link: https://homeopathychoice.org/fda-comments-landing

If anyone is more comfortable commenting directly to the FDA rather than through an intermediary, here’s a direct link to the FDA’s language, reading previous comments and writing a direct comment:

https://beta.regulations.gov/document/F ... -6580-4828 

***the beta.regulations in the web address is a result of a redirect from the FDA which can be found here: 
https://www.fda.gov/regulatory-informat ... d-industry    <—— then click on “Submit Comments Online"
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