Homeopathic Remedies do not work on Forums (Satire)!

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Homeopathic Remedies do not work on Forums (Satire)!

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Now I am no expert of homeopathy and as I understand it, you take the substance that is causing your distress and dilute it down to such a level that the substances are no longer detectable, yet the information from the substance is still there and can still be effective - did I get this right?
I actually called Soroush about this on the phone and he told me that you had to "bang" the remedy several times for it to work. I replied that if I was to start "banging" members for not posting on the forum, I would probably be arrested and my wife would complain!

To me, it looks like the members of your Minutus group are still highly distressed with the move from an email based mailing list to a forum where you post online, instead of in an email. Never mind that you got 20 years of your archives back complete with cross-referencing and powerful search features. No, you are used to clicking on the reply button, writing your response and sending it via email. But now this stupid forum is requiring you to click on some "View/Reply" link instead of the reply button - that is terrible, a link instead of a button! Madness, what is the world coming to...

Then your browser opens up and then it gets worse, you are presented with a white space where you are supposed to type in your message. Although it looks surprisingly similar to your email program, it is not exactly the same. There are all those Yellow smilies just looking at you  :D  :)  ;)  :(  :o  :shock:  :?  8-)  :x  :P  :oops:  :cry:  :evil:  :twisted:  :roll:  :!:  :?:  :idea:  :arrow:  :|  :mrgreen:  :geek:  :ugeek: - some look angry and one of them is GREEN!!!!
That green monster  :mrgreen: just makes you want to run away, is it the Gruffalo? 

When you try writing something, and then you want to send it. Where is that pesky Send-Button?
Instead, you see three buttons:
{Save draft} I thought I had closed the door, why would it still be drafty in here and why would I want to save a draft? Or is it some way of saving my message for later when I am not quiet finished and ready to post?

{Preview} Do we get to see the latest movie early, before it is released. The latest Star Wars, perhaps? Or is this some way of seeing how my post will really look like before I send it, that would be practical?

{Submit} Are you crazy? Why should I submit to the terrors of this new forum. I am brave and refuse to submit to this tyranny. No, wait... Could this be that lost Send-button is disguise? Is this how I add my post to the forum. If I understood correctly, it then also gets sent straight away to that Minutus group on groups.io and even shows up in the next Daily Digest via YahooGroups. 

All this talk about posting on the new forum seems to have sent many members into shock-induced paralysis!  Acute fear of the unknown. What, post on a website instead of in my email, that is obviously a fate worse than death!!!

As good homeopaths, you do what you know best, dilute down the discussions (no banging please). Surely having less and less discussions is going to solve your fears of writing on the forum? Obviously not, so lets just not write anything and like magic, the fear is gone. The intense stream of discussions on Minutus has now been homeopathically diluted down so much that almost nobody is posting on the forum at all - except for this one idiot that talks about some strange thing called Rife and obviously knows nothing about homeopathy. Can someone not explain to him how homeopathy works, so that he can stop bombarding us with daily educational posts on how to use the forum. If he would only shut up, then the remedy surely would work, our fear of writing something on a website would be gone and the forum would be dead. So why can't this "Rife" guy get the message?

I hope you all enjoyed that satirical look at the state of the Minutus Forum and I hope I did not offend anybody. However, the problem is real and I suspect some of you are just waiting for it to be possible to post via email again instead of simply trying to post on the forum. 

As I have not yet even started the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign yet (hopefully this week), it will still be some time before that addition to the forum can be written, installed and tested. Do you really want to remain a dead forum until then for the sake of a minor change in your habits? 

You are already being informed of new posts via email so all you have to do is make sure you have the correct login details, then login and start posting. This is all explained On the following page complete with this little video:


Just remember that you are not paying me for all this time i have been spending trying to rescue your group. The $311 collected went to the programmer who handled the migration. There is only so much time I can continue to spend helping your group as I have plenty of other projects wanting my time and some of them help to pay my bills. If your group has collectively decided to die, then there is no real point in me continuing to beat a dead horse. It is up to you now to sink or swim. I have provided plenty of educational videos and I do know there is still an issue with the members database. I am waiting for Soroush to finish updating the list I sent him, before I can do any more on that. If anyone individually needs help, your can still write and I will fix those issues until the members list has been fully restored.

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