New Thumbs-Up Thanks button added to the forum!

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New Thumbs-Up Thanks button added to the forum!

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One of the most popular features on social media services like Facebook is the thumbs-up button so that others can signify their thanks for a post without having to actually write a post. 

As of today, this feature has been added to the Minutus Forum. When reading a post while logged into the forum, you will now find a thumbs-up button on the top right of the post next to the details of the poster. Click on that and your thanks will be added to the post and listed under the post as well for all to see. If you change your mind, click on the button again (now showing a thumbs-down icon) to remove your thanks.
By the way, you cannot add thanks to your own posts - the button is then missing.


Feel free to thank those that have made interesting posts that you approve of. That encourages those writing then to contribute more.

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